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Public Transportation in Tenerife: A Comprehensive Guide

Tenerife, with its stunning beaches and picturesque landscapes, offers a myriad of experiences for its residents and visitors. A crucial aspect of these experiences is the island’s public transportation system. While many might consider renting a car, the public transportation options on the island offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative.

Embracing the Bus Network

Operated by Titsa, Tenerife’s bus network is expansive, connecting significant parts of the island, from hidden corners to prominent tourist destinations. This is the heart of public transport in Tenerife.

Comfort and Accessibility on the Move

The comfort of travelers is a priority. The Titsa buses are maintained in pristine condition, ensuring a smooth journey irrespective of the distance. Moreover, they operate every day, with about 3,700 bus stops dotting the island.

Budget-Friendly Travel Options

Payment on these buses is flexible:

  • Directly to the bus driver with cash (preferably notes no larger than €10) or by credit card.
  • Using your Smartphone or Smartwatch for contactless transactions.
bus ticket payment

For those who travel with kids by bus in Tenerife and are looking to save, consider the round-trip ticket for journeys exceeding 20 kilometers; it offers a 10% discount compared to two single tickets.

Cards for Regular Commuters

If buses will be your primary mode of transport during your stay, the “ten+” travel card is recommended.

  • One-day travel card: Unlimited bus travels for just €10.
  • Seven-day travel card: Unlimited journeys for a week at €50.

Fares and discounts

Current fares and discounts for Tenerife bus you can find at Titsa website Fares nad discounts

Considerations for Special Requirements

  • Travel with Kids by Bus in Tenerife: Children below 4 years can enjoy free tickets on bus rides in Tenerife, provided they sit on an adult’s lap. You can also obtain a Free Child Transportation Card (more-below)
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: While many buses accommodate wheelchairs, some might not. Ensure the bus supports the maximum dimensions of 750mm width, 1300mm length, and a combined weight (user + wheelchair) of 300kg.
  • Luggage and Bicycles: Some buses have luggage compartments. For buses that don’t, a bag or suitcase not exceeding 100 x 60 x 25cm is permissible. Bicycles are allowed if the bus features a luggage compartment. However, folding bicycles can board buses with a wheelchair space if unoccupied.
  • Pets: Pets, as long as they are within a carry cage of 60 x 35 x 35 cm and weigh under 10kg, can be brought on board. Only guide dogs are exempted from the carrier rule.

Accessing Holiday Resorts and More

If you’re landing at Tenerife South Airport, there’s a seamless bus service connecting the airport to major holiday resorts. Buses are frequent, moving from southern resorts to the northern edges of the island. For detailed routes and schedules, consult the Titsa website or visit one of their information centers.

Keeping Informed: Timetables and Routes

Titsa’s user-friendly website, available in both Spanish and English, provides comprehensive information on bus routes, timetables, and fares. Additionally, Titsa information centers, located at major bus stations, offer travel cards, timetables, and island maps showcasing diverse bus routes and connections.

Benefits of Using Public Transportation in Tenerife

1. Economical Option for Non-Car Owners

For those who don’t own a car on the island, public transportation can be a lifesaver. The integrated system ensures that every corner of Tenerife is accessible without the need to worry about parking, fuel, or maintenance costs.

2. Eco-friendly Travel Mode

Choosing buses and trams over private vehicles reduces the carbon footprint, making it a more sustainable choice. It not only decreases traffic congestion but also contributes to a cleaner environment.

3. Free Rides for Children

In a move to encourage more families to utilize public transport, Tenerife offers also free rides for children aged 5 to 10. This initiative not only lightens the financial load on families but also instills a sense of independence and environmental consciousness in the younger generation.

How to Obtain a Free Child Transportation Card

Requirements for Registration:

  • NIE number or passport number
  • Residential address with empadronamiento (Certificado de Empadronamiento)
  • Contact details
  • Passport-size photo scan (specific guidelines can be found on the official website)
  • Passport scan

Steps to Obtain the Card:

  1. Registration: Begin by registering the child on the official website:, specifically opting for the “tenmás” personalized card, which is designated for children between 5 to 10 years.
  2. Confirmation: Once the registration is successful, a confirmation email will be sent. The card can be collected after 10 working days from the chosen office, such as the Costa Adeje station.
  3. Collection: To collect the child’s card, a parent or legal guardian must present their own and the child’s passport or NIE number, along with the Certificate of Registration for verification. Note that there is a one-time fee of 5 Euros for the proximity card, and it remains valid until the child turns 10.

Utilizing the Transportation Card

It’s essential to understand the card’s functionality to make the most of it. Every time you board a bus with the child, ensure to tap the card against the reader. Always keep the card handy, especially during inspections.

The Concept Behind Free Transport in the Canary Islands

Frequent traveling has its benefits, especially in the Canary Islands. The Ministry of Transport of the Government of the Canary Islands, in collaboration with regional councils, has introduced a program where frequent travelers can access public transportation at no cost. The primary goal is to promote sustainability and encourage the use of public transport.

Key Requirements for Free Transportation Access

  • Travel Frequency: To be eligible as a frequent traveler, one must undertake a certain number of trips. This number, which lies between 15 and 20 validations, will be finalized after a collaborative meeting between the Ministry and the regional councils.
  • Resident Pass & Other Validations: The 100% transport fee discount applies to the resident pass, youth pass, senior monthly pass, and the monthly pass for individuals with disabilities. Those currently holding these titles can seamlessly benefit from the free transport offer upon renewal.
  • Initial Costs: Individuals who are new to these titles can also access the free transport for the first month. However, a one-time issuance fee of 5 euros for the personalized card applies, covering the expenses borne by existing holders.

Monthly Verifications: Keeping the System in Check

The initiative runs on a monthly verification system. At every month’s end, the system checks if a traveler has met the minimum travel requirements to be considered a frequent traveler.

  • If the requirements are met, the traveler continues to enjoy free transportation.
  • If not, upon subscription renewal, the traveler will have to pay the current price, which stands between 15 and 19 euros, based on the type of title they hold.

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In Conclusion

We believe that a holistic travel experience encompasses not just sightseeing but also understanding and utilizing the local amenities and services. Tenerife’s public transportation system offers convenience, sustainability, and economic advantages. Embracing it not only enhances the travel experience but also contributes to a sustainable future for the beautiful island of Tenerife.

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